The principals and associates of FORM Building Solutions, Ltd. have extensive experience with and knowledge of all aspects of residential and commercial construction. This experience includes both the architectural and design side, and the building construction side. We have built projects in varying capacities, including building for owners as general contractors and building and developing our own projects with FORM's partner development company, South Block Properties.

As general contractors we complete both design-bid-award projects and design-build projects. In the design-bid-award projects our responsibilities include preparing pricing and bidding the scope and design of the owner's architect. In this capacity we have the experience identifying issues of concern from a cost and quality perspective and working with the owner's architect and engineers to address these issues. We work with a team of qualified and licensed subcontractors and manage and oversee all trade work. On the administrative side we handle all work related to payment applications, affidavits, lien waivers, permitting, and inspections. In our design-build projects we come in earlier in the development process. In addition to managing the same scope of work as we do in design-build-award projects, our team handles the architectural and engineering work from concept exploration to final construction documents. In our capacity as Owner-Developers with South Block Properties our scope includes all aspect of the development process, including financing and regulatory compliance.