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Who We Are

     FORM Building Solutions is a construction company that provides a range of construction services to clients who are focused on performance, quality and value. With experience in all aspects of building and site construction, FORM is passionate about green, pedestrian-scale projects in urban neighborhoods. Our portfolio of work includes LEED certified projects, mixed-use, historic preservation, public space, adaptive reuse and residential projects. We build enduring assets for owners that enhance communities.


      We provide preconstruction consulting, general contracting, construction management, owner representation and design-build services for commercial and residential owners. Off to the right is some of the past work we've done. Thanks you for your interest in FORM Building Solutions!

  • 3925 Townhome Interior

    media/slides/3925 Townhome Interior_Slide.jpg

    3925 Townhome Interior
  • 3925 Townhome Rail

    media/slides/3925 Townhome Rail_Slide.jpg

    3925 Townhome Rail
  • 3925 Townhome Powder Room

    media/slides/3925 Townhome Powder Room_Slide.jpg

    3925 Townhome Powder Room
  • 3925 Unit 2 Kitchen

    media/slides/3925 Unit 2 Kitchen_Slide.jpg

    3925 Unit 2 Kitchen
  • 3925 Unit 3 Bedroom

    media/slides/3925 Unit 3 bdrm_Slide.jpg

    3925 Unit 3 Bedroom
  • 3925 Unit 3 Living

    media/slides/3925 Unit 3 Living_Slide.jpg

    3925 Unit 3 Living
  • 1423 Exterior

    media/slides/1423 Pullan Front_Slide.jpg

    1423 Pullan Front
  • 1433 Exterior

    media/slides/1433 Chase Exterior_Slide.jpg

    1433 Chase Exterior
  • 1760 Exterior

    media/slides/1760 Hanfield Exterior_Slide.jpg

    1760 Hanfield Exterior
  • 4179 Interior 1

    media/slides/4179 Mad Anthony Interior 1_Slide.jpg

    4179 Interior 1
  • 3925 Unit 3 Bedroom

    media/slides/3925 Unit 3 bdrm_Slide.jpg

    3925 Unit 3 Bedroom
  • 4210 Langland Exterior

    media/slides/4210 Langland Exterior_Slide.jpg

    4210 Langland Exterior
  • Bridgeview Unit 4 Kitchen

    media/slides/Bridgeview Unit 4 Kitchen_Slide.jpg

    Bridgeview Unit 4 Kitchen
  • Bridgeview Unit 4

    media/slides/Bridgeview Unit 4_Slide.jpg

    Bridgeview Unit 4
  • Bridgview Facing Southwest

    media/slides/Bridgview Facing SouthWest_Slide.jpg

    Bridgview Facing Southwest
  • HOME House

    media/slides/HOME House_Slide.jpg

    HOME House
  • Landman Facing Northeast

    media/slides/Landman Facing Northeast_Slide.jpg

    Landman Facing Northeast
  • Northside Chop Shop Exterior

    media/slides/Northside Chop Shop Exterior_Slide.jpg

    Northside Chop Shop Exterior
  • Riverfront Transit Center 1

    media/slides/Riverfront Transit Center 1_Slide.jpg

    Riverfront Transit Center 1
  • Riverfront Transit Center 2

    media/slides/Riverfront Transit Center 2_Slide.jpg

    Riverfront Transit Center 2
  • Zoo Installation

    media/slides/Zoo Installation_Slide.jpg

    Zoo Installation
  • Alchemize

    media/slides/Alchemize SCAN_Slide.jpg

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